Seriously, why can’t I get birthday cards in the mail on time? I know the birthdays are coming (most of the time). I’m reminded by my Birthday Calendar and Facebook reminders. So why can’t I get birthday cards in the mail?

So many different reasons can be the culprit. Not having birthday cards on hand is usually one issue. That means I’d have to find the time to make them. Not easy during the summer with vacations and kids home. Other reasons are no postage stamps on hand or not being able to find an address.

These just aren’t good reasons when you think about how much it means to people to receive a handmade card in the mail (or any card for that matter!)  It’s just fantastic to find a card in amongst all the bills and junk mail that usually finds it’s way into the mailbox.

So here’s what we’re going to do this week to spread some birthday joy…

Mission Birthday Cards

  1. Make some birthday cards. They can be the same, they can be the same layout in different colors or they can all be different. Goal is to make at least 10 birthday cards this week. (You’ll refresh your stash later as needed.)
  2. Do you have envelopes for your cards? Put them in the same place as your birthday cards.
  3. Buy postage stamps. Take a trip to the post office or order online at There are some fun postage stamps to choose from! Stash these with your cards too.
  4. Make a list of birthdays.  Go to Facebook and click on Events. A list of birthdays will appear for all your friends! Sure you can write a quick note on their walls, but think how impressed they will be when they get a handmade card in the mail from you too!!
  5. Gather Mailing Addresses.  (This is key for sending out Christmas cards too.)  I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of addresses for my friends and family.

Now that you’ve got the basics ready, it’s time to send out birthday cards on time!  Schedule some time toward the end of the week to send out all the birthday cards for the next week. Yep, send them all out at one time. Some may be a little early, but you’ll only have to think birthday cards once a week.

Do you have any other ideas for getting birthday cards out on time?  We’d love to hear them, so please leave a comment!

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