The Bone Folder is a small but mighty tool to have in your craft room and it’s something that I use ALL the time!!!

In this video, I’m going to show you 3 different ways that you can use a bone folder in your card making and spoiler alert: I used all 3 of these to make the card above!


1) Give your folds a Crisp Crease

The first and most basic way to use a bone folder is to give your card base a good, crisp crease on the fold.

You can just fold your paper in half, or you can score first, then fold and use the bone folder. I didn’t mention it in the video, but you can also use the pointed end of the bone folder to create a score line if you don’t have a scoring blade on your paper cutter.

I really think it makes a big difference, especially when making fun fold cards with multiple creases.


2) Rough up your Paper Edges

The second way you can use your bone folder is to rough up the edges of your paper.

Just work the bone folder back and forth across the edges for a more rugged look.

Do it enough and it might split your card stock in two! Sometimes when you pull apart the edges you’ll get two pieces with some nice texture.


3) Curl Your Paper to Add Dimension

The third way you can use your bone folder is to curl your paper so it adds dimension.

This is great for flowers. When you tape them down make sure to just add adhesive to the middle and not all the way to the edges.


So there you go, 3 ways you can use the small but mighty bone folder in your cardmaking.

I hope you’ll give them all a try!

If you don’t have a bone folder yet you can grab one here.


Happy Stamping!


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