Confession: This autumn jar project was an excuse to make this yummy fall snack mix that I have no business eating. There is just something so yummy about eating candy corn (otherwise known as pure sugar) along with peanuts. The salty, the sweet… I just can’t resist!

So of course I had to create something pretty to hold the mix that I could photograph and share with you thus making the buying of candy corn a necessity. Thank you, thank you very much.

This jar was very easy to decorate. I cut a piece of patterned paper 4″ x 12″, cut a leaf out of the center of it with a large leaf die, and wrapped it around a jar. For this size jar the piece of paper was just long enough to meet at the back but didn’t overlap enough to tape the ends together. So I used a strip of washi tape down the seam to hold it in place. Will it hold? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it will last longer than the yummy mix inside the jar.

Because the jar has a curve to it, parts of the paper around the leaf cut-out did not lay as flat as I would have liked. That was a problem easily solved by a few strategically placed glue dots. Then I just wrapped an orange ribbon around the bottom and tied it in a neat knot. Easy peasy. The ribbon will also help hold the paper in place.

For the lid I used a Circle die to cut out more of the patterned paper and attached it to the lid with glue dots. A few die-cut leaves tied together with linen thread finishes it off. Now excuse me while I go finish off some of that yummy snack mix now that the photos have been taken. 🙂

Happy Stamping!


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