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Craft Supply Organization: Paper Scraps Part Two

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Last month I asked you how you store your paper scraps.  Thank you to everyone that shared!  For the rest of you, here are some ideas to help you tame your paper scraps… Tammy – I have big freezer baggies that I store my scrap papers in. I usually don’t keep anything smaller than a 3×3 size. Otherwise it goes into the baggie. So I would have a baggie for card stock scraps in every color and then a separate baggie for the patterned paper. Then all of these go into a big bin so that they are easy to…

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Craft Supply Organization: Paper Scraps

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Okay, it’s confession time for me.  In general I am very organized, but when it comes to paper scraps I am a mess! I throw all my paper scraps smaller than a quarter sheet into this bin.  As you can see, it is overflowing.  I find myself cutting into a full sheet of card stock before digging through this bin for the color I need.  Occasionally I tip the whole bin into the trash and start over.  Gasp!! So this is where you can help me… How do you store your paper scraps? Please leave a comment on this post…

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Craft Supply Organization: Paper Storage Ideas

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Over on my Facebook Page, I asked what your biggest organizational challenges were with your craft supplies.  Connie said that her biggest problem was her paper, and Norma said that organizing in a 1 bedroom apartment was challenging. If you are blessed with a full craft room like I am, you might want to go with a paper shelf like this.  My crafty husband built this for me and has graciously provided directions for you, if you have a handy man around. If you are not quite the paper hoarder that I am, you can create a scaled-down version of…

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