Project Life Christmas Cards

Project Life Christmas Cards

Have you gotten in on the Project Life pocket scrapbooking craze yet? If not, that’s okay!! But you should know that those pre-printed little cards can be used for a whole lot more than scrapbooking. Project Life cards can be used to make quick & more
5 Ways to Cut Banner Ends

5 Ways to Cut Banner Ends

Episode #20: 5 Ways to Cut Banner Points One of the things I get asked about most is how I cut the banner ends on the banners I put on my cards.  In this episode of Ink It Up! with Jessica TV I’ll show you 5 different ways you can cut banner points. It’ more

Need Help Getting Motivated to Scrapbook Again?

Recently on the Ink It Up! with Jessica Taylor Facebook page Stephanie asked “Can any of you talented ladies help get me motivated to scrap again? I love to do it but I just walk past my room and keep going. Anyone else ever go thru this?” Why yes we do! more

Sneak a Peek into our Hawaiian Adventure

My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in September of 2009. She had been to 49 of the 50 states and had always wanted to go to Hawaii. Since my dad doesn’t like to go anywhere he can’t drive to, he decided that this should be a girls trip. So in more

Sweet Baby Digital Scrapbook Pages

Some people like to create with paper, some digitally and some like to combine the two. I’m mostly a create with paper kind of gal, but I am intrigued by digital scrapbooking and love the idea of it. Here are some pages that were made by my friend Ginny more

Framed Scrapbook Page

Sunday is family day at our house, so I thought it was a good day to share this framed scrapbook page that my sister Johanna made. This year in review scrapbook page is the perfect Christmas gift for parents or grandparents. While you’re at it, make one more