Say thank you with this Christmas thank you card! The colors say “Christmas”, the layout is fun and it’s quick and easy to put together. What more could you ask for?


A few tips for making this card…

To quickly and easily make banner ends use a square punch!  My go-to is a 1″ Square Punch. Just slide your paper strip into the punch and line up so you’re punching out a triangle. Cut your strip of paper longer than you need it to be. Once you have the nice banner end you want, you can trim the strip down to size.

If you don’t have a square punch, here are more tips for cutting even banner ends.


It’s easy to emboss just part of your card! Slide your card front into the embossing folder and line it up where you want it. Fold the back of the card around the back of the folder. Open up both tabs of the Multi-Purpose Platform to account for the extra thickness the back of the card gives. Run through your Big Shot and be amazed!


Updated Tutorial with NEW Tips:

It’s been many years since I made the thank you card I shared above and while it’s still a great card, the design of many embossing folders has changed a bit so it’s harder to wrap your card around them to emboss only part of your card front. So here’s a new Christmas thank you card I made (in 2023) along with some tips for how to emboss part of a card front.

 Real Red card base: 4-1/4″ x 11″ scored at 5-1/2″
Patterned Paper: 2″ x 4-1/4″
Basic White Banner: 1″ x 2-7/8″ cut with a Stylish Shapes banner die

How to emboss only part of a card:

  • Cut your card base to 4-1/4″ x 11″ scored at 5-1/2″ so that it opens UP instead of to the side. This makes it easier to emboss only the top or bottom portions of the card.
  • Open your card base up flat and position the front in your embossing folder. When you’re embossing the TOP portion of your card as I did here, line up the fold of your card base with the edge of the design on the embossing folder. You may need to slightly fold the card base to line it up and then open it up flat again to close your embossing folder.
  • How you run your embossing folder through your machine will depend on what type of machine you have, how large your embossing folder is and which way you insert your card base. For this technique, I often run my embossing folders through with the folded edge to the side. BE CAREFUL if you do that. I’ve also found that my Stampin’ Cut & Emboss machine has an opening that’s a little bigger than my Big Shot so I always use my Cut & Emboss Machine when I’m running folders through sideways. You want to make sure that you push your sandwich towards the side that the open end of your embossing folder is facing. Keep the folded edge of the embossing folder from rubbing against the side of your machine because that can break it. 

After writing those tips out I can tell a video would be helpful so I’ll make one soon. 🙂


Embossing Folders are my favorite way to quickly add texture to a card. 

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Give these two techniques a try on your next cards. And don’t forget to pin this tutorial for later!

Happy Stamping!


P.S. For more tips on how to use Embossing Folders, don’t forget to download my Big Shot Guide for Embossing Folders below!