Handmade Christmas cards are a gift from the heart.  It’s a time of year where lots of cards come in, but your’s will stand apart when it’s handmade. It not only adds a personal touch, but really shows the recipient that you took extra time to make a card because you really care about them.

Card Making Tips:

  • Want to wrap ribbon around the narrow length of your card?  Cut your card stock vertically so that it measures 4-1/4″ x 11″. Fold it in half and you’ve got a card that opens up instead of to the side. This allows you to easily wrap your ribbon all the way around the card front as shown on the card above.
  • Sponge the edges of your card stock to add depth without adding extra layers of card stock. Sponging is one of the greatest stamping techniques EVER!! It’s easy and inexpensive, plus it can cover mistakes. What’s not to love? {If you want to know the other greatest stamping techniques, take my free eCourse: 5 Stamping Techniques Every Card Maker Should Know}
  • Blender pens rule!  The easiest way to watercolor is with a blender pen. They have pointy tips and just the right amount of moisture. Dip one in the ink that has pooled in the lid of your ink pad and use it to watercolor (see the ornament above). When you are ready to switch colors just gently wipe the blender pen on scratch paper until it runs clear again. You can use the same tip with lots of different colors.
  • Add some bling. In my opinion, a little bit of bling goes a long way. On this card, I added just a bit of glitter on the ornament.


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