When I first started stamping back in 1998, one of the first things I learned how to make was an envelope bag. Otherwise known as a Bag-a-lope. Those cute little bags in the photo above? Those were both made from a single business envelope. That’s right, a regular old security nothing-pretty-about-it business envelope.

There’s just something about turning something so basic and dare I say ugly into something fun like a little gift bag. And really “Bag-a-lope” is just a fun word to say. Go ahead and try to say it 5 times fast. Here’s a view from the top…

The possibilities are endless. Decorate it any way you like to give a gift in or use for party favors at birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers or whatever other event you are hosting. It’s a fun way to give a gift card or a few chocolates, or both!!

The bag-a-lope is easy enough that anyone can make it (yes, even you). It’s also a great project for kids!!

Quick, easy and you can use supplies you already have at home or school.

Watch the video above to see how easy these envelope bags are to make. I’ll show you step-by-step how to turn your envelopes into bags.

Happy Stamping!


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