Recently on the Ink It Up! with Jessica Taylor Facebook page Stephanie asked “Can any of you talented ladies help get me motivated to scrap again? I love to do it but I just walk past my room and keep going. Anyone else ever go thru this?” Why yes we do! Here are tips that were shared for finding your scrapbook motivation again.

  • “Two words: Project Life. It will get you started again by making it much simpler to scrap, but then hopefully it will help you keep going!” ~ Penni Litwiller
  • Remember, you don’t have to complete an entire layout in one sitting. Ten minute here and ten minutes there can equal a finished page before you know it.” ~ Mary Staveness
  • I go on Pinterest a lot when I lack motivation. It just gives me the ump I need to get going again.” ~ Zuribel Hernandez
  • “Yes! Watching Scrapbooking videos on YouTube keeps you up on techniques and new products! Totally addicted!” ~Alta Beegle
  • “I just spent time making 20 cards with my 2 dear friends. That totally got me going again. Plus I only scrap what inspires me that moment. For example, I just took some beautiful pictures of the flowers growing in my yard. Total inspiration there!!” ~ Cheryl Farr
  • “I found that for me I needed a little push and a little direction, so I joined a few scrapbooking challenges on SCS and it has really helped. The stashbusters challenge is a great one to motivate to use up older stuff and with a challenge a week it is easy to get in the groove and get some confidence back into the scraproom. I had set a goal of 12 pages this year and have surpassed it and have added 29 so far to my albums.” ~ Jeanne Carver
  • “I find a cheap small album in a clearance rack. Then go through all my odds and ends and stuff I have leftover that’s not really enough to use on a full page but too nice to throw out. Then I make a mishmash album to give away. The recipient loves it and you feel good you didn’t waste money.” ~ Alishia Connelly
  • “I would get caught up in synchronizing and decided I get more done if I just do it. So I have a lot of pages that are collages. With all of the albums that I complete people aren’t going to sit down and look at every album so my albums are different are an assortment of pictures through the years.” ~ Gigi Kotschevar
  • Start with small things a card or bookmark, or maybe go through you supplies or photos, maybe you will get inspired.” ~ Cindy Costa
  • Sometimes you just need to take a break and that is not a bad thing. Take time to regroup, and do something else. Before you know it, you will be back to scrappin again!!” ~ Shirley Hutchins
  • “I felt the same way until I started using the Project Life! It’s so fast, fun and easy!” ~ Laurie Kolar
  • Find a friend and make it a social event!” ~Stephanie Klein
  • “Been there. Try doing some cards. They’re quick and easy and once you start seeing results, you start getting excited!” ~ Leah Carrigan
  • “I feel that way all of the time just because I am so tired from the work week. But I have found if I just walk in my craft room and sit down I feel so much better. Also if I try a tool ( punch, embossing folder, paint) I have not used, it’s totally gets me in the crafting mood.” ~ Alicia Richardson
  • Find one picture and only scrap that for now. Once you see the finished page hopefully you get your mojo back.” ~ Alma Ross
  • “My friend and I are working on albums from a trip we took to Disneyland last year. Doing them together inspires us both and we both use lots more of our supplies because we share.” ~Karen Jantzen
  • “Just start going on Pinterest or I watch YouTube videos or StampTV, it always puts me in a relaxed mood & makes me just want to do it!” ~ Kim Maly
  • Find something you are excited to scrapbook… It may mean changing projects for now.” ~ Debbie Thomas
  • “I think if you try something a little different, but still paper craft-related, it will attract your interest and get the ball rolling. Maybe a card for a special friend? Party invitations or thank you notes? Goody bags for a child’s party? A mixed media project? The possibilities are endless and oh-so-fun! Enjoy!!” ~ Janice Raepass
  • You should have a “Scrap Party” or go to one!” ~ Sandy Gillis
  • Picked out my favorite pictures to do something special with.” ~ Patti Cox
  • Get started with one thing. Paper, perhaps. Then take it from there…just get started and you’ll be off and running in no time. Actually, pictures might be better to start with. Grab a few that go together, then pick your paper.” ~ Sharon Underwood
  • When I have trouble, I usually go to challenges. It usually helps me!!” ~ Karishma Israni
  • “Even when I am motivated, I don’t know where to start until I look at Pinterest at inspiration. Especially when there are easy-to-make options I find.” ~ Jolene Saks
  • I choose one thing to scrap at a time. Right now is a wedding scrapbook I am pre making pages ect then the bride can put in the photos.” ~ Elizabeth Upsdell
  • Get a couple of friends to plan a day or two to scrap together. When I plan some time to be with friends- then my mind gets to working over time on what I want to do!” ~ Bonnie McGrew
  • Start small. It seems overwhelming to drag out everything you own – so just start with a kit so most everything is right in front of you, add some adhesive and photos and get to work! This will get the bug started in you again probably!” ~Susan Williams
  • Sorting through supplies usually does it for me. Print some pics you’d like to scrap, too. Maybe a challenge, like pick a layout to scraplift…or do a one-color layout, etc. Good luck!” ~ Tanya Williams
  • “I have been stuck in a rut for a while. I have just decided to do pages based on my favorite songs.” ~ Amanda Young
  • Turn on a good movie or radio station!” ~ Denise Day
  •  “Invite a friend over. Sometime just setting a date is all you need.” ~ Danielle Green-Warmack

Some great tips for getting your scrapbooking mojo back! Don’t be overwhelmed by all these tips, just pick one that you think will work for you and go for it!

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