Card making doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact keeping it simple can produce some of the best cards. Limiting the number of layers and embellishments you use is a great start to keeping your cards simple.

Embossing folders can add a lot of texture to your cards without adding extra layers.  Place your card stock in an embossing folder, run it through your Big Shot and you’ve turned a plain piece of card stock into a masterpiece. The following card uses the Chevron embossing folder as the main focal point so that all you need to do is add a simple greeting.

Tips for using Embossing Folders:

  • Only emboss one sheet of card stock at a time.
  • Big Shot Sandwich: Multi-Purpose Platform open to Tab 1 – Clear Cutting Pad – Embossing Folder with Card Stock inside – Clear Cutting Pad
  • Some folders have a “right” side and a “wrong” side.  There’s nothing wrong about using the wrong side, but it will give you a different texture. Be sure to have the “front” of your card stock  towards the side of the folder that has the Stampin’ Up! logo.
  • Run your folder through with the open end first.  Treat your folders kindly by running them through with the open end first and the folded end last. Putting the folded end first can put too much pressure on the folder and crack it.
  • Oops… my card stock tore!  Some embossing folders give a deeper embossing than others. If your card stock tears, try opening your Multi-Purpose Platform all the way and placing your embossing folders sandwiched between clear cutting pads on top.

To emboss your card stock all you need is a die-cutting machine and an embossing folder. Embossing folders come in all sorts of different textures from fun to manly to elegant.


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