Tired of ending up with crooked card bases?

In this video, I’m going to show you how to cut and fold your card stock to get straighter card bases every time.


Helpful Supplies:

It all starts with the first cut.

I usually cut an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of card stock in half at 5-1/2”.
Push your paper up against one edge of your paper trimmer and pull your blade toward the edge so that your paper stays in place as you cut it.

Scoring is not necessary, but it sure does help.

Once again, push your paper up against the edge of your paper trimmer and pull the scoring blade toward the edge so the paper stays in place.


Tips for Folding your Card Bases:

  • Make sure you have good lighting so that you can see to match up your corners.
  • If you’re using dark card stock, have a grid sheet or something white underneath it.
  • If you’re making a white card base, have something darker colored underneath it. The Silicone Craft Sheet works great for this because it’s also a bit tacky so it holds your card stock in place.
  • Match up your corners and hold them in place with a few fingers.
  • Use your bone folder to smooth across the fold and make a nice crease.


I hope these tips help you make straighter card bases but remember that your cards are HANDMADE so they will never be perfect. That’s what makes them special.

Happy Stamping!


p.s. If you want to learn how to CUT your paper straight, you might find this tutorial helpful!

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