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Make & Send More Cards Using the Supplies You Already Have!

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What People Are Saying

“This is proving to be the perfect way for me to actually make more cards. I cut my paper late at night, and make baggies with the bases, pieces and other items. I can put them together while waiting for kids, appointments, etc.”


“I am really enjoying your templates on how to cut paper and ways to make a bunch of cute cards with the various shapes and sizes. I can’t tell you how much paper I wasted before. I love how you give the measurements for the matting, etc. to get the right look.”


“I sure love this group and thank Jessica for coming up with these. I have never created so many cards!”


“It is a good way to get started. I get overwhelmed with the paper and stamps. This way, I can just focus on one sheet of paper. And almost magically I have 6-7 cards.”

Mary Jean

Love the ease and versatility of the one sheet wonder idea!”


I can’t believe how inspired I am after just one month in your OSW class!!!!  Looking forward to 11 months more.  Thank you!!!!  My mom lives in a senior building and she loves to give cards.  As you know buying cards can get quite expensive – especially on a very low income for a senior!!  I try to send my mom 100 cards a month.  Your OSW lessons will make that SO much easier now!!!!!!”


“Have really liked this club this year. Best money I ever spent.


“I am just amazed how many different templates/ideas Jessica has already come up with!!”


“Thanks to Jessica I am using up my old paper packs that I’ve hoarded and can create cute birthday cards, which allows me to buy new paper packs! Hooray!”


 Your Instructor

Jessica Taylor

I love the instant gratification and sense of accomplishment I get when creating a card. It’s also a great way to brighten someone else’s day. Who doesn’t love to find a handmade card in their mailbox?

For over 20 years I have been teaching women how to make their own greeting cards. I especially enjoy helping women who say “I could never do that, I’m not creative,” discover that they CAN make cards that look good. My “there are no mistakes in stamping” attitude allows for a fun environment for learning card making.