It’s picture day at preschool, so I wanted to take some pictures this morning while my little ballerina was clean faced and had her hair combed.

Emily is 4-1/2 (gotta get the 1/2 in there) and just started to take ballet classes this fall. She likes to show off her dance moves, so if you’re headed over for stamp club tonight be sure to ask her for a plie when she greets you at the door.

Today I would like to encourage you to take out your camera and capture some “everyday” photos. We tend to remember to capture the BIG moments like birthdays, first day of school, Christmas, etc… but we often forget to capture the little things that happen every day.

I also had my husband snap a quick photo of me because I never seem to be in any of  the pictures, and I got a new haircut recently.

So grab your camera and take a picture of the pile of shoes by the front door, your daughter doing a dance move, the tomato plants in your backyard, the books stacked by your nightstand, and whatever else grabs your eye today.

Leave a comment here and tell us some of the everyday things that you photographed today.

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