Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for cards, scrapbook pages and every other craft project you could EVER think of! Instead of trying to find that card or recipe again, Pinterest acts as a virtual bulletin board for you to bring all of the ideas you see all over the internet into one place.

Once you start using Pinterest you’ll find that there is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a pin and being taken to… nothing that resembles the pinned picture. No recipe for that delicious looking muffin, no instructions for that WOW stamping technique.

Let me help you avoid that frustration by giving you some tips for pinning on Pinterest.

When you pin something from a blog make sure that you are pinning the specific blog post, not the main blog. How do you know? Look in your browser bar. If the address ends in “.com” it means that you are on the main page. You don’t want to pin something from that page because that page is constantly being updated with new posts. Instead, click on the title above the picture that you want to post – in the photo below that would be “Let’s Talk Color”.


You want to pin a photo from a specific blog post because that way your pinned picture will always take you back to the information you are looking for. When you are on a specific blog post the link in your address bar will not end in a “.com”. There will always be more information that comes after the “.com” like in the photo below.


You’ll also want to keep your Pinterest boards organized. I’ve got boards for specific occasion cards like birthdays and thank yous, boards for each holiday and boards for specific Stampin’ Up! stamp sets. Having lots of specifically named boards helps you easily find the ideas you need when you are looking for them.

When you are browsing on Pinterest and come across something you want to pin, hover your mouse over the image and a repin button will appear. Just click that and then select the name of your board that you’d like to pin it to.

One final tip… set a timer! Pinterest can suck you in so that you never actually get to the creating part! If you plan on browsing Pinterest set a timer and when it goes off you need to go make something!!

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