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Punch Art Mickey Mouse Card

By October 27, 2010Cards, Techniques

Today is the anniversary of the day that “Walt Disney” TV premiered (October 27, 1954), so I thought it was an appropriate day to show you this card made by Penni Litwiller.

She used 2 different sized Circle Punches to create the punch art of Mickey’s head.  How cute is that!

She also shared with us a tip for creating the sunburst background and let me take off the center circle to show you.

How to Create a Sunburst Background:

  • Layer 2 pieces of card stock – different colors that are cut to the same size.  On the top piece, mark a spot to use as your focal point.  In this example it’s in the center, but you could do an offset one.
  • Make cuts in your card stocks going from the outside to your focal point.  IMPORTANT: Lay your pieces down in the order that you cut them.  This will make it much easier to assemble the sunburst!
  • You’ll need a base piece of card stock to assemble your starburst onto.  You can make it a bit bigger to have a border, or the same size if you want it hidden.  Alternating the colors of card stock you select for each piece, begin to assemble your sunburst by adhering the cut pieces to your base piece.

Share the love and leave Penni a comment here to thank her for sharing this fun technique with us!