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Single Layer Cards

By October 8, 2012Birthday Cards, Cards

Single layer cards sound easy, but can be some of the most difficult cards to make!  When you are using just one sheet of card stock you’ve got to add enough interest with your stamped images so that the card isn’t boring.

This butterfly card turned out simply gorgeous – it looks even better in person than on your computer screen.  Well, I guess most cards do.  It’s the perfect card to make a bunch of, you can even change the colors and greeting to have a variety of butterfly cards. Bundle them up and they make a great gift!

A few tips for how to make this card:

  • Cut your card stock the long way.  It will measure 4-1/4″x 11″.  Fold it in half and you’ve got a card that opens up instead of to the side.
  • Start stamping the largest butterflies first.  You can then fill in the spaces with the smaller butterflies.
  • Begin stamping at the bottom. Leave enough room for white space and a greeting on the bottom.  Work your way up the middle and then out to the edges.
  • Stick with one color.  Monochromatic cards are so elegant!
Give single layer card making a try!  We’d love to see what you make.  Please take a picture of your card and post it to my Facebook page so we can all ooh and aah over it!


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  • Rosy Newlun says:

    One layers do make me tremble. I tend to mess up when stamping (one hand shakes so much). If I mess up an image or the sentiment…well, there goes the one layer LOL. Have to cover all the boo boo’s! Yours is extremely attractive – well done!

  • great tips! thanks so much! and this card is fabulous! I must try it too!

  • Rachel says:

    Rosy – I goof up my cards all the time – with no real excuse! 🙂 What I’ve learned is to do the sentiment separately, and there’s one way to reduce the error factor. Punch it out and place it over a boo-boo on the stamped card! 🙂


  • Marilyn Loedding says:

    Love it

  • Deb Ocker says:

    Love your card! Plan to try out your idea soon!

  • Sandi Nakoneczny says:

    Love this card, I’m not very good at stamping backgrounds, but I keep trying. So easy to add sentiment to when you need a card, and if you mess up, can always stamp sentiment on another sheet of paper and put it on. I have done this a lot, sadly to say/

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