Well, these are some interesting times. Am I right?

We’re all adjusting to a new normal and it’s not so “normal” at all.

So I’ve been over here brainstorming how I can help you add a little more FUN into your days and since spring started yesterday, I created a little something special just for you…

It’s a Spring Stamping List!

Try a new stamping technique, make a card, send a card.

It’s kinda like a “bucket list” that you can check off as you have a few minutes.

DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE, print it out and have FUN checking off the items!

Spring Stamping List Technique Tutorials:

Glitter Technique: https://youtu.be/Txm7gu0TS_I

Stamp a Rainbow with one stamp: https://youtu.be/FhM7dpaWB9A

Tips for Stamping Your Own Background: https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/stamp-your-own-background-papers/

Sponge a Circle: https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/sponged-circle-card/

Gradient Stamping: https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/gradient-stamping-technique-video/

What’s monochromatic? https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/monochromatic-butterfly-card/

Fun Fold Cards: https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/category/fun-fold-cards/

How to make a card that shows off BOTH sides of your double-sided paper: https://www.inkitupwithjessica.com/show-both-sides/

Happy Stamping!