The Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine is quite adorable and perfect for quick die-cutting but it can sometimes be a bit tricky to use with your dies.

In this post, I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to troubleshoot when your sandwich won’t go through nicely or your dies don’t make a clean cut.

The Mini Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine comes with all the plates you need to be able to use your dies.

Diagrams are printed on the base plates and the plates are all numbered making it easy to quickly figure out what sandwich you need to use.

For die-cutting, you will always use Plate 1 – Plate 2 – Paper – Die with the ridged cutting edge down – Plate 2


Tips for Die-Cutting:

  • Cut your paper to 3-1/2″ wide or smaller so that it will fit through your mini machine.
  • Stagger the plates just a little bit so the machine can grab them.
  • Once the machine has grabbed your sandwich, use one hand to push straight down on the top handle while cranking with the other hand.
  • If your machine moves around a lot, wipe off the black feet on the bottom with a damp cloth or try using it on a surface that isn’t as smooth and slippery.
  • Don’t crowd your dies together if you are trying to cut more than one image at a time. Spread them out over the area of your plate.
  • If your die is not cutting well, try putting it down at an angle and run through more than once if necessary.
  • Every machine is different and depends on pressure to cut. Sometimes you may have to add a shim in the way of an extra layer of card stock to get a good cut.
  • Change where on your plates you are putting your dies to cut so that you use the entire cutting plate and don’t just wear out one spot.
  • Rotate your clear plates to prolong their use. They will eventually warp and crack and need to be replaced. You can purchase more cutting plates here.

Don’t worry, cracking sounds are normal!


Die-Cutting Supplies:

Please note that because of the MINI size of this machine, only dies less than 3-3/8″ wide will work.

If you’d like to use larger dies you’ll want to go with the larger Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Machine.


More Die-Cutting Tips:

For detailed dies with lots of little pieces that want to hang on, add the Take Your Pick Die Brush Tip to the end of your Take Your Pick tool. Lay your paper die-cut on the foam mat and rub the die brush over top to loosen up those extra bits and pieces.

Adhesive sheets are wonderful for turning your die-cuts into easy to adhere stickers. I especially like to use them for intricate dies that are hard to add tape or glue to without making a mess. Add your paper to the adhesive sheet FIRST, cut out your die, then remove the backing and stick your die-cut down. Easy peasy!

To learn more die-cutting techniques, take this class. (It’s FREE when you purchase a Cut & Emboss Machine from me!)

Happy Stamping!


P.S. Don’t have a mini die cutting machine yet and wonder if they are worth it? Watch this video here to find out!

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