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Bear Note Cards for Kids

Quick & Easy Note Cards for Kids

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How cute are these little bears?!? I say these cards are for kids because of the cuteness and greetings but hey, you could send them to whoever you want. One thing I love about pre-made note cards is that they make it super quick & easy to put a card together AND there’s only so much room to write on the inside so I don’t have to come up with too much to say. Little Tips that make a Big Difference: Layer your punch shapes. Whatever punches you have, try layering them! You might be surprised by what works. On these cards…

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Animal Print Bookmarks

Go Wild with Bookmarks!

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One thing I love about my oldest daughter is that when she gets an idea she makes a plan and she runs with it. She is an animal lover and in the last 2 years has raised her own money to adopt a whale and a sea turtle through the Pacific Whale Foundation. She sold cards made with a whale stamp to adopt the whale and made mini turtle cheesecakes to sell for the sea turtle. Yes, I have a little entrepreneur on my hands. So imagine her delight when earlier this week she found the World Wildlife website and an…

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Foxy Friends & My Limited Imagination

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Sometimes I don’t have a very good imagination. I look at a stamp set & punch like Foxy Friends and all I see are odd shapes with no idea what color to use or how to put them together. Thank goodness for creative people and Pinterest!! A quick search on Pinterest gave me a GAZILLION ideas on how to use those random stamps and punch shapes to create all kinds of fun animals! I pinned a few favorites on my new Foxy Friends board. Fox, skunks, reindeer, cats, raccoons, lions… you can create a whole zoo full of animals with…

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How to Make an Envelope into a Bag!

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When I first started stamping back in 1998, one of the first things I learned how to make was an envelope bag. Otherwise known as a Bag-a-lope. Those cute little bags in the photo above? Those were both made from a single business envelope. That’s right, a regular old security nothing-pretty-about-it business envelope. There’s just something about turning something so basic and dare I say ugly into something fun like a little gift bag. And really “Bag-a-lope” is just a fun word to say. Go ahead and try to say it 5 times fast. Here’s a view from the top… The possibilities…

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Forget Black Friday, we had Craft Friday!

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Yesterday instead of Black Friday shopping, we declared it “Craft Friday” at our house. We had fun making Christmas cards and a few other top secret projects. The most fun for me was when my younger daughter and her friend were going to make Christmas cards and my daughter asked if they could make One Sheet Wonder cards. My older daughter has been making tons of One Sheet Wonder cards, so it was nice to see that the younger one has been paying attention. 🙂 I said yes, of course! Once I set them up with their own stamping stations…

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